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Quartz and Natural stone Quartzite worktop fabricators For over 13 years, Mgm & Rocks Ltd (Master of Granite and Marble) are specialists in countertop production for Roydon, Essex. With the highest quality craftmanship and stonemasonry skills, our worktop fabrication services are difficult to rival. First class 'ethical' guidance and advice designed to help make that kitchen surface choices easy. We boast a general turnaround from start to finish of approximately 10-14 working days, without hiccup, for average size kitchens.

Roydon Testimonials and Images

Previous installations or Roydon worktops are better shared than hiding in a gallery. Our most recent kitchen images and testimonials are added according to location, below you will find those relating to Roydon. Glamourous or not, colourful or bland, not all kitchens are showroom kitchens. Designed for practical everyday wear and tear is how they should be.

20mm Carrara Cashmere

Ellie's Roydon Worktops: 20mm thickness Carrara Cashmere quartz worktops. This white kitchen works beautifully with white carrara quartz worktops and island. The mirror glass splashback, matching windowsills and upstands only help to open out the kitchen more. The kitchen island's 300mm breakfast bar overhang being full length, allows the floor space to dimensionally increase the kitchen size, whilst extending the surface area.

Quartz Roydon Worktops Carrara Cashmere 1 Quartz Roydon Worktops Carrara Cashmere 2

quartz worktops testimonial quote
Can thoroughly recommend Mgm & Rocks. They have been very professional and helpful throughout the whole process and the end product has been fantastic. Not to mention they were extremely competitively priced. Very happy customer with lots of compliments on new worktops throughout kitchen and utility.

Ellie, Roydon ~ Testimonial

20mm Banco Eclipse Quartzite

Marc's Roydon Worktops: 20mm thickness Bianco Eclipse quartzite worktops. Recently, quartzite worktops are tall the rage, and for good reason. Super hard and extremely resistant, unique and striking, quartzite has everything to offer. The grey patterns of Bianco eclipse, also known as super white, vary substantially from white to dark grey. Straight or wavy veins, to swirls, and cluster patches can transform a kitchen appearance dramatically. Choosing the right pattern is not easy and depends on what is available. Marc started searching for this surface several months before installation - I can definitely say that it was worth the search effort and time.

Quartzite Worktop Bianco Eclipse 1 Quartzite Worktop Bianco Eclipse 2 Quartzite Worktop Bianco Eclipse 3 Quartzite Worktop Bianco Eclipse 4 Quartzite Worktop Bianco Eclipse 5 Quartzite Worktop Bianco Eclipse 6

quartz worktops testimonial quote
From start to finish Daniel at MGM & Rocks was friendly and attentive. My partner and I were incredibly picky about the aesthetic we wanted yet Dan remained patient and continued to send us options despite how often we rejected them. In the end we found a stunning slab. The installation was incredibly smooth and Ed helped me correct some errors I'd made (as an amateur kitchen installer). Whilst I've vowed never to install a kitchen myself again, MGM will remain my first choice for work surface suppliers.

Marc Hagan Guirey (Paper Dandy), Roydon ~ Testimonial


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