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Composite and Natural Stone Worktops

Master of Granite and Marble fabricate and supply Kitchen Worktops from bespoke measurements using our full range of services throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding areas.

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Mgm & Rocks Ltd

Finding that worktop surface that either compliments your kitchen design or allow the creativity of your imagination to flow through into your living space, we can help make that journey simple.
Discover each materials unique properties, colours and designs, let us know your preferences and we will help find that material that you desire.

Granite or Quartz?

There is a general misconception of Modern kitchen worktop materials and their costs. Quartz is often mistake for granite and vise versa. There is, however, a great deal of difference between the two materials. Most common worktop materials both natural and composite contain a variable amount of quartz, however, the difference is whether this is in the form of a natural slab of material such as Granite, Quartzite and Marble or a man made composite called quartz. The latter is designed in many aspects to imitate the natural material and provide an alternative and a uniformity in pattern and colour, whereas, Granite is Natural and the sizes of each slab can vary substantially. In terms of cost and in many cases depending on the material chosen these are comparible to one another.

Master of Granite & Marble
Worktop Help and Guidance

Composite and Natural Stone Portfolio

Portfolio of our previous installation of worktops, vanity tops, walls and floors

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Worktop Services

A description of the full service package we provide and how the process works

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Worktop Resistances

Answers to commonly asked questions and resistance for the longevity of your worktops

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