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Worktop Surfaces

Master of Granite and Marble fabricate and supply Kitchen Worktops from bespoke measurements using our full range of services throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding areas.

Mgm Worktop Surfaces

We fabricate worktops in many hard surfaces including Dekton, porcelain, Lapitec, Corian and Slate. We aim to help you find a worktop surface that either compliments your kitchen design or project to flow through into your living space. Discover each materials unique properties, colours and designs, let us know your preferences and we will help find that material that you desire.

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Dekton Surfaces

Designed with resistance in mind, sintered stone Dekton worktops are tough both indoors and outdoors


Lapitec Surfaces

Inspired by Nature and engineered for life and as a full bodied sintered stone suitable for a wide range of uses including Lapitec Worktops


Corian Surfaces

Inspired by Nature and engineered for life and as a full bodied sintered stone suitable for a wide range of uses including Lapitec Worktops


Natural Slates

Corian is an versatile material and renowned for being almost virtually seamless, Corian worktops work everywhere



Natural stone can be used for a wide variety of purposes, which can include tiling or cladding for walls and floors

Which Worktop Materal?

The choices of worktop material is growing and now with 8 commonly known hard surface to choose from, it is advised that your worktop material be considered with care, we are at hand if you require help with that decision. Considerations should start with how the worktop surface is to be used, whether this it is for a hard wearing kitchen or a top for a bedside cabinet. Resistances and material hardness play an important role in choosing the right surface to suit purpose.

Sintered Stone Dekton

Dektons special formula is carefully chosen from worldwide sourced raw materials. Highly compacted under high temperatures gives dekton its unique resistant properties. Dekton technical characteristics compliance is as tiles both for indoor and outdoor flooring applications. A perfect choice for numerous applications including large format tiles, worktop or hearth.

Sintered Stone Lapitec

Lapitec is a full bodied sintered stone, composed of 100% minerals and with a cryptocrystalline structure similar to Porcelain. With its high resistances it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used in many furnishing or construction applications such as cladding to pavements and from kitchen worktops to ventilated fa├žades.


Corian is manufactured from a mixture of acrylic polymer and minerals, with added colourants. Being thermoformible (flexible when heated) allowing it to be reshaped without compromise to it structure. With a extensive choice of material colours it can be used in bathrooms and as kitchens worktops and commonly used in hospitals, laboratories and commercial building exteriors.

Natural Slate

Slate is a finely layered rock (a foliated metamorphic rock) that has been formed under very high pressures. A less common worktop material choice of late, slates resistances and its rustic appearances makes for a Perfect choice material for all aspects of outdoor use, used internally for kitchen worktops, fire hearths and flooring.

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