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Areas We Cover for Worktop Fabrication Services

Areas We Cover

Locally, our comprehensive fabrication services are to the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire and London (see tabs below). Each tab will take you to a selection of Cities, Towns and villages within the areas we cover, all of which we have received images sent in by our happy customers. Please be patient whilst we gain permissions and add our areas and client images.







Worktop Fabrication Services

Mgm & Rocks Ltd provide complete facilities and solutions that are comprehensive in all aspects of worktop fabrication services. Beginning with prompt, responsive, and ethical advice and guidance through to professional machine operated Surface fabrication. Before our expert installation team visit to install your Surface, all polished edges are finished by our stonemasons hands and checked for quality prior to being loaded on our van.

Contact and Knowledge

From initial contact, no matter how you contact us, or visit us in person at our showroom / office, we always answer in a friendly, polite and courteous manner. Regardless of your query for existing, or new Surface and products, we aim to help by answering all queries promptly. All queries are answered utilising the years of knowledge that we have attained.

Our knowledge on natural and engineered stone surfaces is difficult to rival, with a wealth of detail currently being added to this website. We have articles on the formation of natural stone surfaces such as limestone and marble, quartzite and granite, and for the natural mineral 'quartz' as the largest content used in quartz kitchen worktops. Another article goes on to describe the process in which engineered quartz is manufactured replicating natural processes.

Advice and Guidance

Unlike many other Surface fabricators, we do not have a preferred set of suppliers, we simple provide the full range of natural and engineered surfaces from all manufacturers and suppliers at the best prices. Ultimately, it is your decision to choose the surface that works best for your budget as well as your kitchen design. Based on your initial choice, and if you are willing, we can help fine tune this by offering similar colours and designs from all other suppliers either as alternatives, or as a better value product.

Although we stock a good range of surfaces in our yard, there are far too many to stock them all. We also understand that small samples for veined materials, do not provide visually to help make a decision, so we can arrange visits for you to view surface materials. Many suppliers and manufacturers are relatively close by, there are several in Harlow with a good enough range that will give a good enough idea of what to expect. Kitchen Worktop Fabrication Services

Estimates, Quotations, Invoices

We are happy to provide estimates and quotations for as many surface options you feel necessary to help with your budget. In fact, we always provide alternative options wherever possible on surface material, and similar designs, because the costs can vary substantially from manufacturers and suppliers. Along with the estimates and quotations, we send images of the full slabs, and as previously mentioned, we can arrange for you to see the actually material in person.

We like to be as transparent as possible in all aspects, however, the finished appearance is most important at this stage. Advising and making you aware of any issues, possible savings, and design layout, makes all the difference. Your peace of mind, is paramount, knowing that your worktop choice is in good hands, acting on your design ideas to ensure that your surface material is maximised for finished appearance.

View before cutting

There are several reasons you may wish to see the material before we start cutting, and we recommend this, because once we start cutting - its too late to change your mind! With natural materials, the colouration and veining can be substantially different from each end of the slab, this can be true also for engineered materials, espceially those with veins.

Orentation of the slab, direction of veins, and pattern positioning is all very important, as in many cases, the slab can be cut in at least 2 different orientations. Also, we like to discuss with you how the veins will join if maximising on materials to keep costs within a budget. Kitchen Areas Cover

Production Process

Proud of our customer service and solutions, our comprehensive worktop fabrication services, and bespoke products of the highest quality. Living without kitchen Surface can be awkward, so our general turnaround time from go ahead to installation of only 10 to 14 days, we hope, minimises disruption. Worktop Fabrication Services

Kitchen Measuring Service

It generally takes two to five days before the your surface material arrives to us from the supplier, during this period we will have booked-in and have measured kitchen base units / existing Surface. Fabrication will commence promptly after measure.

All base units are measured traditionally by measuring tape, for more complex kitchen unit arrangements, including uneven walls and radius curves, corex sheeting will be utilised.

For a smoother measuring service, sinks and hobs at hand on day of measure will save time, however, we understand that this is not always possible and request that you provide full specification of each to ensure accurate surface cuts.

CNC machines and Stonemasons

As certified and licensed fabricators of natural stone and engineered materials, you are assured that our stone fabrication service is to the highest of standards. As stone materials are exceptionally hard, copious amounts of water is used for all cutting and polishing of stone. The use of water is essential for a cleaner cut and also for the health and safety in eliminating the risks of silica dust.

A combination of specialised CNC machinery, edge polishers and vacuum lifts are used to cut and transport your bespoke cut kitchen surface around the facility before being finished by hand by professional stonemasons.

Experienced Installation

We aim to book our experienced installation service within 7 days of measuring. Very large, or granite or quartzite kitchens that require resin support bars may need a few extra days to fabricate. Installation generally takes 2 to 3 hours to complete and with only a few trade tools and lots of experience, kitchen surfaces are positioned, levelled, secured, then siliconed to the base units.

Any surface joins and mitred joins are glued together with colour matched resin. Splashbacks, upstands and under-sills are secured to walls, and undermounted sinks to the underside of the surface with silicone.


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