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Designing your Worktop

All worktop and product surfaces are cut to bespoke measurements, so that you get everything just the way you want in designing your kitchen worktop. Cuts made in the stone are carefully measured to ensure that we maximise on what we can get out of a slab - this level of care is extremely important and provides a huge saving if we can minimize the quantity of slabs needed to complete your project. this also ensures that we have enough remaining material to offer upstands, splashbacks and windowsills to compliment your bespoke worktop surface.

Most cut outs are standard and included in the cost, however, you may require other cuts and these will be determined during the consultation period. Standard cuts include: Sinks, Hobs, Taps Holes, Draining Grooves. Other cuts may include Pop-Up Sockets, additional draining Grooves and holes, large radius Curves, End panels etc... the final cutting process is polishing all required edges to a smooth edge profile of your choosing, we offer a range of standard edges, but if you would like something a little fancier there are several choices.

Worktop Design Requirements

Depending on the material and what sizes are available ('Standard' or 'Jumbo') your worktops are cut to maximising on veins or elements that you wish featured in the stone and also to ensure that we can get the most out of your the slab of material to save the purchasing of an additional slab. These cuts have to be made very carefully as you may wish to have the pattern running up through any upstands or splashback to keep the continuity of the vein flowing through your kitchen worktops.

Material Thickness

Standard thickness of materials are 20mm and 30mm, however, some quartz and most procleain materials are available in 6mm and 12mm. Corian only has 1 material at 19mm thickness the majority are 6mm and 12mm.

Material Size

Some quartz materials are available in Jumbo format, which helps to produce the larger worktop lengths, a smaller kitchen could fit entirely on 1 jumbo slab or allow additional extras such as windowsills.

Vein Matching

Vein matching may require additional material for continuty for end panels or the bookmatch appearance. Where joins are concerned we match the vein as close as possible according to the material you have purchased.

Cuts in the stone:

The most common cut outs for kitchen worktops are Sinks, Hobs, Tap and Pop-up Sockets, If you require any other cut out please specify or let us know during worktop design phase prior to templating. If you are not sure what you need, not to worry, we are sure we’ll know exactly what you’ll need given the proposed location for your surface and what type of sink or hob you wish installed.

Sinks Cut Outs

Cut out dimensions for sinks are made from the template that comes with the sink or detail available online from the manufacturer. Otherwise, as long as you have the sink available on day of measure / templating we can take measurments or bring the sink back with us to ensure the sink cut out is made accordingly.

Hob Cuts

Hob cut out dimensions are cut from the template that comes with the hob or detail available online from the manufacturer. Please have the hob available on day of measure / templating. Some hobs are inset (flush finished with countertop surface) and dimensional detail will be available as standard.

Hole cuts

Holes are cut for various reason and include taps, filters, pop-up sockets and buttons for incinerators. It is reccomended that these items or their specifications are at hand on day of measure / templating.

Bespoke Worktop Design Features

End Panels

End panels are a superb design extra for the end of exposed worktop length or on one or both ends of an island as a wrap. The continuation of worktop into a waterfall side can look amazing in any material. If veined or marble material has been chosen for your end panel, it may be prudent to opt for a mitre join to help with the vein matching.


Off-cuts from your chosen countertop material are suitable for a variety of bespoke design features and may be sufficient to add 1 or 2 windowsills. Perfect for continuity and complimenting your worktop, Above an upstand eliminating the annoying hard to paint gap or as an finishing design aspect with full splashbacks.


Lengths of worktops that do not have wall units can look great with a low splashback topped with a shelf. Perfect for continuity and complimenting your worktop, this can break an empty wall whilst providing that storage everyone craves. Discuss with us the possibilities and fixing requirements that maybe required.

Chopping Boards

As well as adding to the design by matching your worktop, chopping boards are an essential part of your working kitchen for the protection and longevity of your worktop surface. With thee remanants from your surface, it maybe possible to make produce several chopping boards.

Draining Grooves

As an Aid for draining excess water, grooves can be cut directly into your worktop surface and look aesthecially pleasing and a contrast to your smooth and eloquent surface. Despite Neat grooves being a clutter free draining board, having your work surface completely plain can be the best way to show off your worktop.

Upstands and Splashbacks:

Although splashbacks are normally installed behind a hob or a sink, splashbacks can be installed all around your kitchen if that is what you prefer. Behind the hob it offers excellent protection to your walls and easy cleaning from splashes and spillages. Splashbacks are also aesthetically pleasing and a complimentary to the worktop whilst enhances the overall kitchen look and feel. In the same material as your worktop, you will know that its resistance and durability will provide you with a lifetime choice.


Upstands compliment your worktop and offer excellent protection to your walls from spillages and are extremely easy to clean. Standardized at 100mm in height and can be as low as 50mm, these are a perfect finishing design feature. Remember, granite or quartz slabs have off-cuts after cutting out your worktop so you can save money overall on your kitchen materials.

Hob Splashback

Hob splashbacks are the most commonly selected form of splashback as most kithen designs require 2 slabs of material allowing a enough material. Although glass can be used if you wish a contrast to your worktop, using the same stone as your worktop works beautifully for continuation.

Full Splashback

Full splashbacks are from worktop to the underside of your wall units raising higher to underside of extractor adjacent location of your hob. Depending on size of your kitchen, additional material may be required to achieve this stunning look to your kitchen design.

Socket cut Outs

Socket cut outs will be essential for your full splashback. Depending on material style and colour chosen for your splashback, sockets blend in and look tidier than on a flat or tiled wall.

Worktop Design Finishes

Mitre Joins

Edge Profile

Edge profile is a small design detail for your worktop edge that can be the finishing touch that gives your kitchen that style and aesthetic imagined. The thickness and style of your surface material will determine options form the range of different profile edges available.


Bookmatching is achieved by aligning 2 slabs of natural material from the same block together. The resulting symmetry is what is called bookmatching (like folding a butterfly). Marble is the most commonly used as a bookmathed material, but, some engineered quartz suppliers produce bookmatched materials as imitations of natural marble. Bookmatching is commonly used for large islands, end panels and splashbacks, cladding in bathroom & showers and even flooring.