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Worktop Design

Worktop Design Aspects

All worktop and product surfaces are cut to bespoke measurements, so that you get everything just the way you want your Kitchen Worktop Design. Cuts made in the stone are carefully measured to ensure that we maximise on what we can get out of a slab - this level of care is extremely important and provides a huge saving if we can minimize the quantity of slabs needed to complete your project. this also ensures that we have enough remaining material to offer upstands and splashbacks if required.

Most cuts are standard and included in the costs, however, you may require other cuts and these will be determined during the consultation period. Standard cuts include: Sinks, Hobs, Taps Holes, Draining Grooves. Other cuts may inclue Pop-Up Sockets, additional Grooves and holes, large radius Curves, End panels etc... the final cutting process is polishing all required edges to a smooth edge profile of your choosing, we offer a range of standard edges, but if you would like something a little fancier there are several other choices.

Cutting the slab:

Depending on the material and what sizes are available ('Standard' or 'Jumbo') your worktops are cut to maximising on veins or elements that you wish featured in the stone and also to ensure that we can get the most out of your the slab of material to save the purchasing of an additional slab. These cuts have to be made very carefully as you may wish to have the pattern running up through any upstands or splashback to keep the continuity of the vein flowing through your kitchen worktops.

Cuts in the stone:

The most common cut outs for kitchen worktops are Sinks, Hobs, Tap and Pop-up Sockets, you may have chosen a material with viens and would like this bookmatched with a mitre cut end panel. If, however, you require any other cut out please specify or let us know during design phase prior to templating. If you are not sure what you need, not to worry, we are sure we’ll know exactly what you’ll need given the proposed location for your surface and what type of sink or hob you wish installed.


Grooves or sloped drainage for sinks, baths and showers can be cut into your chosen surface, this will aid the drainage of water and looks absolutely amazing as a contrast to your smooth and eloquent surface. Cut directly into your worktop surface, neat grooves or a slope are a clutter free draining board for the tidy home. However, that does not mean that your worktop will not look incredible without, in fact having your work surface completely plain can be the best way to show off your worktop.

Edge Profiles:

Edge profiles for your worktop or whatever you choose your stone surface to be, can make a big difference to the overall look of your living space. The choice of profiles depend on several factors such as the thickness you have chosen and also the amount of material remaining after your worktop has been cut. We can advise you when it comes to making a decision.


Upstands are complimentary to your worktop and offer excellent protection to your walls from spillages and are extremely easy to clean. Standardized at 100mm in height and can be as low as 50mm, these can look really make your kitchen look amazing. If you have not considered upstands, remember that Sometimes a Granite or Quartz slab has off-cuts which are big enough, so you can save money overall on your kitchen materials. Ask us and we can let you know if there is sufficient material.


Although splashbacks are normally installed behind a hob or a sink, splashbacks can be installed all around your kitchen if that is what you prefer. Behind the hob it offers excellent protection to your walls and easy cleaning from splashes and spillages. Splashbacks are also aesthetically pleasing and a complimentary to the worktop whilst enhances the overall kitchen look and feel. We can also provide glass splashbacks if your prefer a different material.

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