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Worktop Resistances and Durability

Material Resistances

Stone worktop surfaces are both highly durable and easy to clean, making them a particularly low-maintenance worktop choice for any setting whether it is for a brand new kitchen or if you are looking to update a living space. Each stone type has differences in durability. You can read more below to find some answers to the biggest frequently asked questions.

Lasting a lifetime

After we have installed your worktop, its upto you to keep your worktop in tip top condition to keep that lifetime warranty that most of our stone suppliers provide. A few very simple new or existing habits is all you need to keep that worktop glistening as if new for years to come. A simplistic way to go about caring for your worktop surface is to not get too complacent because of the high durability that each stone worktop material has to offer.

Heat Resistance

Marble | Quartz

Colour change and Burn damage. Extreme heat may crack it. Do not place hot items directly on the worktop surface. Use trivets or mats under hot dishes

Granite | Slate | Lapitec

Can withstand the heat of hot pots and pans without damage. Use trivets or mats under hot dishes


Totally Heat Resistant

Stain Resistance

Marble | Quartz

Prone to staining. Do not use harsh chemicals | liquids known to stain worktops. Use mild soap & hot water with soft cloth or sponge

Granite | Slate | Lapitec

Resistant to staining. Use mild soap & hot water with soft cloth or sponge. Always clean spillages immediately


Totally Stain Resistant

Scratch Resistance


Can be scratched. Do not use abrasives on the surface. Always use a chopping board

Granite | Quartz | Slate | Lapitec

Durable - will not scratch easily. Always use a chopping board. Avoid using abrasive on the worktop.


Totally Scratch Resistant

Solar Radiation / UV Rays

Granite | Marble | Slate | Lapitec | Dekton

Highly Resistant. Years of sun exposure, coatings may start to yellow. Seek advice regarding usage of coatings and UV exposure


Quartz is Susceptible. Avoid external use, darker colours are more susceptible to dis-colouration

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