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Engineered Quartz Worktops in Harlow

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Engineered Quartz Worktops

Engineered Quartz Worktops

Quartz is a natural crystalline mineral material, however, in the case of engineered quartz worktops the quartz content is made from refined and bonded granite and marble. Engineered Quartz is manufactured with the resistances that you would expect from a worktop. We provide a full range of quartz worktop surfaces available on the market and from most if not all suppliers - we even stock some materials here in our harlow yard. There are several factors to consider in the choosing of your worktop surface such as colour, cutting requirements and finishing touches and can have a influence on the overall cost, let us know your preferences and we are more than happy to provide advice and guidance.

Quartz Surface Gallery

View a selection of quartz materials by shade or design or by several suppliers with our filter gallery. We provide engineered quartz surface materials from all suppliers, if your preffered materials is not in the gallery, lets us know or you tell us which of these colour you like and we can provide similar alternatives

Engineered Quartz In Stock

We stock several natural and engineered quartz surfaces in our yard.

Stocked Quartz Worktops and countertop Surfaces

3cm Compac Portoro

Compac portoro imageView Portoro
Compac Quartz Portoro

Compac | Portoro

Compac Lactea

Lactea quartz

2cm & 3cm Black Mirror

Black Mirror quartz

2cm & 3cm Grey Mirror

Grey Mirror quartz

2cm & 3cm White Mirror

White Mirror quartz

2cm & 3cm White Shimmer

White Shimmer quartz

Engineered Quartz Worktop Resistances

An essential aspect in deciding which material will work for your kitchen or countertop surface should consider the resistances that each material has to offer and according to the design of your kitchen. Your chosen worktop surface material must include resistance and durability appropriate to its use. Quartz worktop material also known as engineered quartz ranges from 85% to 93% quartz content providing relatively good resistances. The remaining 7% - 15% is mainly of pigments and resins. Quartz provides a consistency in colouration and does not need sealing periodically unlike natural materials.

After we have installed your worktop, its upto you to keep your resistant, durable hard wearing quartz worktop in excellent condition to keep the warranty that engineered quartz suppliers provide. Warranties provided generally relate to the percentage and types of resins and pigments used. The simplest way to go about caring for your worktop surface is to Use trivets for hot pans, chopping boards for cutting and wipe away spillages and chemicals with warm soapy water.

Scratch Resistant Quartz

Moh's scale of hardness: 6-7

Although quartz is very durable and scratch resistant, it can be scratched, as surfaces differ in quartz content.

Heat & Thermal Resistance

85% - 93% Quartz content
7% - 15% pigments and resins

Moderately resistant to heat / thermal shock due to its quartz content withstanding approx 150 degrees F

Stain Resistance Quartz

Quartz worktop material is stain resistant
Caution should be taken with use of acids and chemicals

Its the 7% - 15% pigment and resin content that provides the largest risk of staining

Sunlight & UV Resistance

Internal Use only
Susceptible only due to its resin and pigment content which may yellow over time

darker colours are more susceptible to dis-colouration

Engineered Quartz & Countertop Considerations

Quartz Surface Colours

Quartz is a composite material made from a compound of approximately 90% quartz which makes it a highly resistant and extremely hard material. The huge range of colours and textures available are generally consistent from each production process. As quartz surfaces are formed in batches, it is advised that projects requiring precise colour and pattern matching should be quantizied carefully so that ordered surfaces are cut from the same block.

It is important to consider quartz worktop material requirements to complete your project, check with us in advance so that we can source the material colour and texture of your choice, as some stone suppliers stock levels vary from day to day to meet demands of this popular material. If stock levels are low we can reserve your quartz material for you for a limited time, or contact us about getting the quartz slabs stored in our yard to prevent any possible stock issues later on.

Quartz Worktops Natural Quartz Content

natural quartz

Quartz Geology

Quartz is a tough, crystalline mineral composed of silica (silicon dioxide) and is the next abundant mineral in the Earths continental crust after feldspar. Quartz crystals form in pockets from a superheated soup of base minerals and gases subjected to heating and cooling. Follow this tab for a brief overview of quartz geology - forming of quartz crystals through the crystallization process. More information regarding gemstones, piezoelectricity properties and its use as 'Engineered Stone' more commonly known as quartz worktops and countertop surfaces.

Quartz Surface Suppliers

We provide quartz surface materials from all suppliers and not biased towards any particular supplier, if the supplier for your surface is not listed here, let us know. Quartz surface suppliers offer warranties with their product and these range from 10 years to 33 years and relate largely to the quartz and resin content within the stone.

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