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Quartz Worktops

Mgm & Rocks Ltd Quartz Worktops

Master of Granite and Marble fabricate and supply quartz worktops and products from bespoke measurements using our full range of services to homes and businesses throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding areas.

Quartz worktop Surfaces and Colours

Quartz is a composite material made from a compound of approximately 90% quartz which makes it a highly resistant and extremely hard material. This also allows the huge range of colours and textures available to be consistent from each production process. Alike granite, quartz surfaces are formed in blocks and then cut into slabs before being polished, therefore, it is advised that projects requiring precise colour and pattern matching should be quantizied carefully so that ordered surfaces are cut from the same block.

It is important to consider worktop material requirements to complete your project, check with us in advance so that we can source the worktop colour and texture of your choice, as some stone suppliers stock levels vary from day to day to meet demands of this popular material. If stock levels are low we can reserve your quartz material for you for a limited time, if you definately wish to go ahead, contact us about getting the quartz slabs stored in our yard to prevent any possible stock issues later on.

Quartz Sample Galleries

Our online quartz sample galleries provide insight to a small selection of the quartz suppliers from which we source our materials.

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Worktops | Countertops | Vanity Tops | Up-stands | Splashbacks | Windowsills | Table Tops

90 - 97% Natural | Tough | Waterproof | Hygenic | Stain & Heat Resistances

Imitating natural stone and concrete, quartz worktops are manufactured with attributes of natural stone, enhanced colours & mirror elements

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Worktop Surface Options:

Granite Marble Slate Lapitec Dekton Mgm Stock


Silestone Quartz Worktop Colours

Cosentino offer a lifetime warranty of 25 years to consumers of all Silestone Quartz worktop colours. Silestone offer high resistances and a large range of unique colours and textured surfaces, it is certain that any kitchen or bathroom, flooring or wall cladding project can and will look amazing with a silestone quartz worktop.

Colours available in the gallery below are either stocked by us or can be delivered promptly from Cosentino. As the surfaces available are extensive, not just from cosentino, but from the many other suppliers we acquire our quartz materials the choice provided in the quartz colour gallery should only be taken as typical examples of all colours available. Please contact us regarding quartz colours so that we can check the availability and delivery times as shipping maybe necessary.


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Choose Material Finish:

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Choose different Supplier:

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Search by Material Name:

Search by Material Name:

Alpina White

Alpina White | Silestone

Alumino Nube

Alumino Nube | Silestone

Arden White

Arden Blue | Silestone


Ariel | Silestone


Bamboo | Silestone

Blanco Capri

Blanco Capri | Silestone

Blanco City

Blanco City | Silestone

Blanco Maple

Blanco Maple | Silestone

Blanco Orion

Blanco Orion | Silestone

Blanco Stellar

Blanco Stellar | Silestone

Blanco Zues

Blanco Zeus | Silestone

Cemento Spa

Cemento Spa | Silestone

Charcoal Soapstone

Charcoal Soapstone | Silestone


Chrome | Silestone

Coral Clay

Coral Clay | Silestone


Cygnus | Silestone


Daria | Silestone

Eternal Calacatta Gold

Eternal Calacatta Gold | Silestone

Eternal Marquina

Eternal Marquina | Silestone

Eternal Serena

Eternal Serena | Silestone

Eternal Statuario

Eternal Statuario | Silestone

Gris Expo

Gris Expo | Silestone


Haiku | Silestone

Iconic Black

Iconic Black | Silestone

Iconic White

Iconic White | Silestone


Ironbark | Silestone


Kensho | Silestone


Lagoon | Silestone


Luna | Silestone


Lusso | Silestone


Lyra | Silestone


Marengo | Silestone


Merope | Silestone

Compac Quartz Ice Concrete

Silestone | Negro Hades

Negro Stellar

Negro Stellar | Silestone

Negro Tebas

Negro Tebas | Silestone


Noka | Silestone


Rougui | Silestone

Royal Reef

Royal Reef | Silestone

Snowy Ibiza

Snowy Ibiza | Silestone

Stellar Grey

Stellar Grey | Silestone

Tigris Sand

Tigris Sand | Silestone


Vortium | Silestone

White Storm

White Storm | Silestone


Yukon | Silestone


Worktop Surface Options:

Granite Marble Slate Lapitec Dekton Mgm Stock

Our online collection of quartz samples is just a small selection of the stone we can provide, however, it does provide insight to a variety of quartz colours which we can help fine tune and provide alternative if you wish. We welcome you to come visit us at our office/workshop to see what quartz kitchen worktops we can offer as nothing can replace being able to see and feel the actual quartz surface

Quartz and Natural Stone Portfolio

Portfolio of our previous installation of worktops, vanity tops, walls and floors

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Quartz Worktop Services

A description of the full service package we provide and how the process works

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Quartz Worktop Resistances

Answers to commonly asked questions and resistance for the longevity of your worktops

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