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Pros and cons of quartz worktops; from choosing to countertops maintenance

Save Money Think Quartz Worktops 1st

A little insight into quartz worktops at design stage will help to save money on your kitchen surface budget.

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20mm or 30mm thickness?

If the benefit is saving money then the answer is yes! because there is no difference in terms of strength and durability for kitchen surface use. For some premium profile edges, 30mm countertops may be a better option. Mitre joins, splashbacks and upstands make for easier production and cost effectiveness in 20mm thickness, saving money and time on cutting 30mm thickness down to 20mm.

Slab Sizes

Slabs are available in three sizes, standard 1.4m x 3m, jumbo 1.6m x 3.2m and super jumbo (AKA giant) 1.6m x 3.3m. Although the difference in each may seem small it can make a huge difference to what can be attained, potentially saving money on your quartz worktop. Although only 2 runs of approx 3m can be achieved from each slab, not all kitchen surface lengths are three metres long. On many occasions the difference of a few centimeters has cost the price of an additional slab of material.

Planning Material

Planning material needs for a quartz worktop, unfortunately, seems to be left out during kitchen design. Despite countertops being one of the most important aspects of any kitchen. During the planning of base units when designing a kitchen, considerations should be given to the countertops lengths and location of joins. Other design elements in respect of calculating material such as Hob splashbacks and waterfall ends may require a large chunk of material. Let us know and we can help calculate your material needs.

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Veined Breccia Quartz Colours
Veined Calacatta Quartz Colours
Learn about Calacatta

Natural Calacata's are classified as Carrara Marble. In quartz, they fall under a single category called Calacatta, with an extra 't'. 'Calacatta quartz' designs are diverse and differ according to manufacturer and veining.
Veined Carrara Quartz Colours
Learn about Carrara

Reproduction of well-known Carrara Marble. A massive range of carrara surfaces in whites, greys and creams. Vein designs from light to heavy, fragmented to evenly spread. Veins of dark grey to wispy and light.
Veined Mid Quartz Colours
Veined Marquina Quartz Colours
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Mirror Luminous Quartz Colours
Mirror White Quartz Colours
Learn about White Mirror

White mirror quartz AKA White Sparkle surfaces are very popular. In some, non-mirrored elements are abundant making the white appear light grey. Mystical, 'white shimmer' is another option with glitter elements.
Mirror Grey Quartz Colours
Mirror Black Quartz Colours
granite quartz worktops testimonial quote
I couldn’t be happier with the end result from the work done by the Mgm team. After viewing many samples at their workshop, me and my husband were spoilt for choice with the amazing quartz worktops and natural marble slabs available. We finally came to a conclusion of choosing a white with grey and beige veins. They came to take measurements in our kitchen and within a few days the slab was ready to be fitted. The fitting was very swift and professional. I have already recommended these guys to so many family and friends which were so impressed with the work done in my kitchen. 5-star service with 5-star design!

Kida from Tottenham
Calacatta Quartz Worktops

Elements that are Essential in Design

What makes an attractive and practical kitchen is a multitude of design aspects

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Undermount or Overmount sink?

Decisions on what style of sink you should have to go with your worktop choice, really, can be narrowed down to two preferences; Drainer type and appearance. Drainer grooves cut into your quartz worktops raises additional questions, however, they do blend with the worktop more than an overmounted sink drainer board. Grooves are aesthetically pleasing, allow veins to flow, and increases space visually. However, undermounted sinks without drainer grooves benefit by allowing clear un-interrupted, additional workspace. Overmounted sinks, ensures that the drainer is just that, also being metallic, it is easier to maintain and clean especially in areas of very hard water.

Ask us if we can supply your sink, we may be able to match or improve on prices found on the internet, without delay in delivery.


Standardised at 100mm in height, upstands are fixed to the wall behind worktops, apart from finishing the look of your worktops, they have many benefits. A tidy neat trim that will hide the join between worktop and wall, upstands are mini splashback that contain splashes and spills. They are cut from the remaining material after cutting your worktops lengths. If you wish to have them taller, smaller, or slimmer, and as long as we have enough material, we can make this happen.

Upstands combine with other decorative elements too, such as tiles and splashbacks. We are more than happy to advise.

Undersills and Windowsills

A windowsill and undersill to compliment your quartz worktop, believe it or not, is a desired finishing touch. In fact, around 80% of clients choose windowsills and undersills for several reasons. its cheaper than buying a less durable windowsill, if ordered with your worktop, and easier to clean and maintain. The undersill adds continuity from upstand to the windowsill and loses that small band of hard to clean tiles or difficult to paint gap. More than likely the window fronts your sink, the undersill, often being slightly deeper than an upstand, makes for a sink splashback.

Standard Edge Profiles

As standard, your worktop will be finished either with a small bevel or double pencil to top and bottom of the outward facing edge. They are the most robust of all edge profiles and the minimum finish is applied to top and bottom edges, fully polished. There are a number of other edge profiles to choose from, however, which you choose depends on several factors. Material thickness, practicality and consideration into other design aspects in combination, for example end panels.

Is There a Warranty?

Manufacturers of engineered surfaces provide warranties that cover production methods. This is to build confidence to the end user with a guarantee that the product will perform as suggested according to certain stipulations regarding it use. After your worktop has been installed, its up to you to keep your resistant, durable quartz worktops in excellent condition. As long as your worktops has been cut and installed by us as a certified fabricator, and remain in the original installed location. Your warranty will be valid between 10 -33 years, depending on the warranty period set by manufacturer. The main differences in warranty periods, generally relate to the percentage and types of resins and pigments used in its manufacture.

What About External Use?

Your warranty does not cover your worktop if used externally. Despite its versatility, and as it is water and stain resistant, why would it not be ideal for external use? Well, apart from other weather related extremes, the main reason it is recommended only for internal use, is because the resin content is prone to discolouration through UV exposure.

Islands, Peninsulas, End Panels

If designed with care, Kitchen Islands, and simarlary for pensinsulas can increase the perception of space. Many only consider and island to provide additional worktop space, however, breakfast bars with a full overhang allows more floor space to be seen. Islands with End panels, also known as waterfall sides, can allow the design in to flow down the side, a detail that can change to visual perceptuion of any kitchen design. Let us know, because there are several details that need to be considered with island and end panel designs.

Chopping Boards

A complimenting addition to any quartz worktop is a matching chopping board. Chopping boards generally get put away when not in use, not any more! As an essential part of any working kitchen for the protection and longevity of a worktop surface, that is easy to clean. We recommend that any suitable remnants after cutting the countertops, be used to produce one or more chopping boards.

Quartz Worktop Articles

By Design

Our quartz articles (Quarticles) intend to provide in depth knowledge about quartz worktops as bespoke fabricated surfaces. The quarticles cover a wide perspective, and begin very far back in time to see how the natural content is formed, with reason to its durability. We delve into what these surfaces actually are, and the technology first developed in 1963 to create engineered stone. Since then, the processing technology has evolved so that the mixture of natural stone and polymers are designed to provide excellent resistances. So, is there good reason why the preferred and most common choice for worktops is quartz? Well, we look at reasons why it is the surface choice.

In Fabrication

Design features for quartz worktops are many, there is a lot more to islands than additional workspace. Waterfall sides, and bookmatching are just the first things that come mind. There must be pros and cons with every surface as nothing is perfect, right? Are drainers a practical assest if choosing an undermounted sink? Why are upstands highly desired and are they really that purposeful? After all this, you shall need to know the ideal way to protect your worktop, and avoid accidents, which unfortunately are possible in any kitchen environment.

Surface Finishes

Flat, highly polished surfaces through to rugged but smooth finishes

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Quartz worktop surface finishes differ slightly from each manufacture, and so does the terminology. Only a few selected quartz colours and designs are available in different finishes to a polished finish. On the contrary, some of the colours and designs available in different finishes are not available as polished. Depending on manufacturer, finishes other than polished may have additional protective coatings. Honed surfaces are termed differently by each manufacturer and can be called Satin, Matt, and Natural.


Highly polished to a reflective shine

polish finish on a quartz worktop


Fine textured with smooth silky shine

suede finish on a quartz worktop


Coarse, grainy, smooth with dull shine

concrete finish on a quartz worktop


Pitted, polished Smooth to highlights

volcano finish on a quartz worktop


Rugged, polished Smooth to highlights

rough finish on a quartz worktop
granite quartz worktops testimonial quote
Very happy with the service and quality of the craftsmanship from MGM & Rocks. We found that the quality of the quartz was far more superior to that of their competitors, which is ultimately why we choose them. We were also delighted to find that it was at a competitive price, too. Daniel (who served us) was outstanding with his customer service, guiding us through the products available and keeping us informed right up to installation. Eddie, who measured and installed, was very helpful and showed great knowledge in helping us achieve a good blend between cuts so that the veins on our Interstellar quartz worktop matched. The whole team from start to finish were outstanding. We will certainly be recommending them to family, friends and colleagues. Thank you team MGM & Rocks!

Eamonn from Harlow
Calacatta Quartz Worktops

Practical quartz touches for an aesthetically finished worktop

Cutting Surfaces

How we fabricate and cut your worktop makes all the difference

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Maximising Quartz Material

Cuts made in the stone are carefully measured to ensure that we maximise on what we can get out of a slab. This level of care is extremely important and provides a huge saving if we can minimize the quantity of slabs needed to complete your project. This also ensures that we have enough remaining material to offer upstands, splashbacks and windowsills to compliment your bespoke worktop surface.

Hob Cuts

The decision to have either a recessed or overmount hob lies with the hob that you purchase. A flush mount hob is the same with a different name. Additional CNC machine cutting is required to cut the recess and as long as the full specification is readily available, or if the hob is on site on the day of measure / templating, its a relatively straight forward procedure.


Socket cut outs will be essential for your full splashback. Depending on material style and colour chosen for your splashback, sockets blend in and look tidier than on a flat or tiled wall.

Other cuts

Sink Cuts, Tap Holes, Socket Cut Outs, Standard Curves, Pop-Up Sockets, Bespoke Curves, Mitre Joins, Backpolishing


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