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Mirror Quartz Colours

Mirror Quartz Worktop Colours

Glitter and Mirror Chip quartz colours

Magic mirror in the kitchen, who has the sparkliest quartz worktop colour of them all! Available in white, grey and black, the mirror range comes in small magical mirror elements or large reflective mirror chips.

PLEASE NOTE: Mirror elements in a static image of a mirror quartz worktop will show colours as dark, blue or light grains and may not appear reflective.

Glitter and Mirror Chip quartz of varying designs
Glitter Elements
White, Grey, Black
Glitter Elements
Mirror Chips
White, Cream, Grey, Brown and Black
Mirror Chips


Small Mirror chip quartz worktop colours

Small mirror chip quartz worktop colours are magical and glimmer delicately, trying to keep that glimmer in the line of sight can be difficult. With some non-descriptive names and difficulty in seeing mirror chips in images, telling one quartz surface from another is a challenge. Namely, for a brighter white base and glimmer chips, 'white shimmer' is most commonly termed.

Add Top Crystal White

Alumino Nube

Add Top Crystal Black

Large Mirror chip quartz worktop colours

Large chips of mirror and flecks dominate the surface in these quartz worktop colours, each quartz colour has a different grade of mirror chips ranging from intense to randomly spread.

Twinkle White

Blanco Stellar

Astral Lactea

Twinkle Grey

Astral Titaneo

Stellar Grey

Astral Azabache

Stellar Night

Twinkle Black


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