Plain Quartz Colours
White, Grey, Beige and Black

Veined colors for Island book matching, end panels, and splashbacks
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Plain Quartz Colours

Discover Plain Quartz Colours

Plain quartz worktop colours are pure white to off white, bright and Creamy highly polished quartz worktop colours. Whites can differ substantially when placed side by side, so it is advised you visit our showroom.

Purest Colours

The purest colours of White, Grey, biege and Black are difficult to reproduce in images. The many slight variations that are available from each manufacturer only represent well through seeing these in person. Some greys have a tint of biege/brown and whites can be cremier or grey. Black, much alike white can vary in intensity and cloudiness.

As Plain as Limestone

Some lighter colours imitate limestone, with patterning in some representing fossils and grains. The plainer limestone type such as chalk is reflected in the purer white to off white and creamy colours.


Highly polished quartz is difficult to photograph, especially bright white. Light reflecting off the polished surface shows pure whites to appear off-white to cream and grey

Biege and grey quartz colours

Warming colours of gentle beiges to light browns, light greys to greys with blue and brown tinges. Worktops For kitchens where the quartz surface colour makes a subtle statement. Cloudy Designs in some colours reflect imitations of variations in limestone, the parent rock of marble.

Cloudy Colours

Concrete Colours

Concrete Colours are unique in that they closley resemble different finishes of concrete. Despite a slightly roughened appearance they have the texture of a smooth matt.

Plain Examples

Images provided are an example of the huge range of quartz materials we fabricate.
NOTE: White colours do not represented actual and may appear grey or off-white.

Plain Colours


Plain White With Tiny Grains

Bieges and Browns With Tiny Grains

Greys With Tiny Grains

Plain Concrete Colours

Plain Cloudy Colours



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