Mirror Quartz Colours
Reflection and Glitter Element Worktops

Quartz with shimmer and glitter mirror elements
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Quartz Colours of Reflection and Glitter

Discover Mirror Quartz Colours

Mirror quartz worktop colours are desired for their clean striking or subtle veins that Imitate the high end of natural marble.
Magic mirror in the kitchen, who has the sparkliest quartz worktop of them all! Available in white, grey and black, the mirror range comes in small magical glitter elements or larger mirror reflection elements.
PLEASE NOTE: Reflection elements in a static image of a mirror quartz worktop will show colours as dark, blue or light grains and may not appear reflective.

Name variations of white mirror quartz

As with all quartz materials imitating the natural as closely as possibly (without compromising a profit margin!), names trace back to utilising italian names and words. 'Bianco' (an italian surname) translates as 'White'. 'Bianca' is a feminine word in italian, meaning 'white' or 'pure'. Other name variations include descriptions of the sky and stars such as 'Stellar' (stelle is 'stars' in italian), Twinkle and Starlight.


Still a very popular option, white mirror quartz materials are very similar in appearance from one manufacturer to another with the exception of a few. Most, if not all white mirror quartz, have the same content and frequency of mirror elements. The other non mirror elements are plentiful enough to make the base colour an off white to very light grey. The larger brand names, for example; Silestone, Compac and Quartzforms all look the same - the only decision you need to make is which is the better value.

Reflection and Glitter as a Contrast

White mirror chip quartz will contrast with white base units as well as dark. Of all colours, white is the hardest to match, however, the mirror and non mirrored chips provide enough patterning in the material for it to blend in with any other white, how magical is that!

Brighter Luminous White

A lesser known white mirror 'Luminous White' is a cleaner and brighter white quartz material. With a similar arrangement in mirror elements as its rivals, its brighter and cleaner appearance is due to the lack of the other non mirrored elements. It is also benefitted by its size and cost, however, it comes with a 10 year warranty opposed to the larger warranties offered by larger brand names.


Though not as popular as the white mirror, mirror quartz is available in several other colours; black, dark grey, light grey, cream, brown and red are most commonly available. You may have noticed that most cinema entrance foyers use mirror quartz as floor tiles mostly of black and red. More magical in appearance is 'white shimmer' in which the mirror elements are as small as glitter.

Reflection and Glitter Examples

Mirror Colours are provided as examples, we are able to source a larger range of materials from other suppliers as well as those shown in the gallery below.
NOTE: White colours do not represented well in images and may appear off-white to grey.

Glitter / Shimmer Colours

Small glitter quartz worktop colours are magical and shimmer delicately, trying to keep that glimmer in the line of sight can be difficult. With some non-descriptive names and difficulty in seeing mirror elements in images, telling one quartz surface from another is a challenge. Namely, for a brighter white base and glimmer elements, 'white shimmer' and 'Luminous White' is most commonly used.

Mirror / Reflection Colours

Large chips of mirror and flecks dominate the surface in these quartz worktop colours, each quartz colour has a different grade of mirror elements ranging from intense to randomly spread.



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