Quartz Colours With Grains
Clear and Coloured Glassy, Acrylic Grains

Quartz with grains that vary in size and contrast against background
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Quartz Colours with Grains

Discover Quartz Grains in Colours

A Range of light to dark colours of grains quartz grains colours with additional speckles of glass and acrylic chips imitating stone and pebble highly polished to smooth finish

Background Colours

A wide range of colours are available when it comes to grainy quartz colours. Backgrounds range from bright white through to black. Some have an underlying pattern that varies in shade consistently throughout the slab surface.

Colour of Grains

There are primarily two types of grains - clear glassy, acrylic grains or coloured grains of all colours. On the brighter background designs, grain colours are seen to be more of clear, off-white to yellows and browns adding contrast. Some colours for example Venecia by Compac has a wide range of bright rainbow colours elements of varying size. Darker background colours see mainly lighter grains, again these are in contrast to the background.

Fossil Designs

Material Examples

images of matyerials provided in the galleries below are examples of what we are able to source from a large range of suppliers.
NOTE: White colours are not represented as actual in images and may appear grey.

White Colours with Grains

Bright to off White background with plain to varying colour grains ranging from tiny to small in size.

Cream and Beige Colours with Grains

A mid range of quartz colours of various grains. Splashes of colour variations on some, consistently spread throughout the full slab of quartz material.

Brown to Grey and Black Colours with Grains

Dark grey and black coloured quartz for contrasting worktops. Speckles are small and on some surface various splashes of colour almost fossil like in appearance adorn the full slab of quartz material.

Fossil Style Grains



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