Best Kitchen Worktop ~ Quartz?

Choosing a quartz worktop may seem daunting to many. Whether looking for a low maintenance or cheaper worktop, our extensive knowledge is at hand anytime you have a question, either through this website or by contacting us Message. We hope with the detail we provide, choosing a colour for your worktop surface should be all you need to focus on. With a large range of colours, patterns and growing range of surface finishes, achieving the style, look and feel for your design is within affordability. A few simple reduction methods can help simplify this process, whether you choose quartz as a countertop or any other.

Low Maintenance and durability

With such great overall resistances, quartz surfaces are low maintenance worktops. Maintaining and cleaning quartz countertops is made easy due to the quartz manufacturing process. Simply wiping with a soft cloth and soapy water is all that is needed to keep your worktop looking new, and care free. It is advised that chemicals are avoided, especially on food preparation surfaces! Dried deposits should be soaked and then wiped away when softened; avoid using abrasives. Stubborn stains can be treated with lemon, vinegar or bicarbonate soda and then wiped with a soft cloth and warm water. In short, quartz countertops are Easy to clean, no need to seal and as a low maintenance worktop, your quartz surface will last a lifetime, by design!

Durable Worktop

Surely, the best kitchen worktop would be of low maintenance, cost, and more importantlty, durable. Engineered Quartz is an extremely durable worktop surface and more than adequate to provide what can be expected in a hardwearing kitchen. They are tough and hardwearing because of the natural quartz content; robust due to the resin binders - meaning they do not require additional supports or sealing like natural materials do.


There are several benefits to having a worktop made in quartz over other surfaces. Quartz surfaces are designed and engineered for resistance, making them very versatile and durable worktop. Highly polished finish's provide additional and unexpected health benefits as should be expected from the best kitchen worktop. The use of synthetic resin and polymers on and within the material makes for a flat smooth surface, that does not allow room for bacteria, mold and fungi to grow. As a perfectly sealed surface, even the textures now becoming available hold excellent bacterial resistance, with a negligible reduction in resistance due only to the grade of texture.

Flexible Strength

From a fabrication aspect, although quartz is a hard and durable worktop, it is easier to cut than harder natural materials such as granite and quartzite. Again, it's the resin content! The binder helps to strengthen quartz enough to give it a flexible strength that no other stone can rival. Flexibility improves quartz surface workability and allows for cleaner, sharper cutting, and a large range of additional features that compliment countertops. Drainer grooves are easier to cut and a great example of quartz versatility. Remnants after cutting worktop lengths are mostly used for quartz upstands, which, if preferred can be cut or milled down for thin profile appearances without fear of breaking too easily.

Cheapest on Average

Out of all the hard surface materials in the worktop industry, quartz is the Cheapest worktop on average and better for the budget when planning and designing. With so many worktop surface manufacturers, suppliers, and fabricators to choose from, the market can be very competitive. Cost differences in quartz surfaces can be classified into 4 factors; Brand, Resin content, Warranty, and Design.

Brand Differences

Brand, Resin content, and Warranty are closely related. Big brand quartz manufacturers state that the resin content ratio to quartz content is approximately 7%. However, with the lesser known brands stating a 12-15% resin content - the difference in comparison to cost, whatever you choose, can be seen as insignificant. Some brands state the same content and their quartz products are of mid-range cost. The warranty can be seen as a direct correlation to resin content and the realistic timescales that one would expect a worktop to be used before being replaced. The closer the imitation of the quartz design to its natural counterparts, the higher its cost and placement within manufacturer / supplier price groups. Generally, calacatta quartz would be in the highest cost group and mirror chip quartz colours among the cheapest in worktop groups.

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