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Master of Granite and Marble Worktops
Mgm & Rocks Ltd

Master of Granite and Marble Worktops, Essex

Stone Worktops specialist and natural stone supplier, Master of Granite and Marble Worktops (Mgm & Rocks Ltd), template, fabricate and supply worktops and products to Essex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding areas. Materials of expertise include natural stone: Granite, Marble and Slate and composite materials: Quartz, Dekton and Lapitec. At the forefront of natural stone and composite worktop production in Essex, and with a combined personel experience in the worktop and product industry of over 36 years, Mgm & Rocks Ltd (Master of granite and marble) achieves a superior finish that is achieved by our experienced control of cutting and polishing machines and expert masonry skills. Our experience enables us to meet the needs and requirements of multiple projects simultaneously.

Natural and Composite Stone

Modern kitchen surface materials for worktops and countertops are renowned for their durability especially if produced in natural or composite materials. Natural stone such as granite, marble and slate are cut straight from the rock in blocks and offer a muiltitude of colours and marbling that no other surface can imitate or match with the beauty and elegance that each stone slab boasts. Composite Stone materials alike quartz, dekton and Lapitec are developed through clever engineering processes that rival and often surpass the durability and resistances of natural stone, with colours and textures that can enlighten any home.


All our worktops and product surfaces are cut to bespoke measurements, all cuts made in the stone are measured carefully to ensure that the worktops and additional design elements such as upstands and splashbacks are maximised per slab of surface material. This level of care is extremely important and provides huge savings if we can manufacture minimizing the quantity of slabs needed to complete your project. This also ensures that we have enough remaining material to offer additional design elements like end panels and chopping boards.

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Each surface material link above will take you to some of the worktop options available to help kickstart your ultimate choice of worktop or other stone project. With our huge collection of suppliers we are able to obtain almost all natural stone types and composite surfaces, quartz, Dekton and lapitec. if you wish us to search for a particular colour or textured surface or match its appearance, we will do all we can to reserve and either bring the surface to our yard in Harlow, Essex or arrange a viewing with the supplier. If you require any help you are welcome to call us on 01279 450 170 or drop us a message.

Master of granite and marble

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