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Dekton Kitchen Worktops

Ultra-Compact Surfaces - Dekton by Cosentino

Dekton by Cosentino of Spain is manufactured using TSP (Technology of Sintered Particles). This process is where a mixture of inorganic raw materials which are found in glass, porcelain materials and natural quartz are mixed together and baked at high temperatures under extreme pressure to achieve an ultra-compact surface. The revolutionary new Cosentino surface material with all its resistances is designed to last a lifetime. Master of granite and marble are specialists in dekton surfaces in Essex, producing bespoke dekton worktops and products to homes and businesses.

Why Dekton Kitchen Worktops?

Cosentino Dekton Surfaces are a perfect composite worktop choice for durability, high resistances and appearances to imitate natural stone. As Dekton resistances are high, this material is becomming a popular choice for many other applications too, such as cladding and flooring both internally and externally as it is totally weatherproof. Even though Dekton is a man-made material and the colours and textures are consistent, just like natural granite and quartz the sizing process is very similiar as it is formed in slab sizes. It is advised to consider the quantity of slabs required to complete your project and check with us in advance so that we can in turn check stock levels with Cosentino as demands of this popular porcelain is increasing.

Dekton Statistics

Product Examples

Worktops, Hearths, Steps, Pools, Walls, Floors, Table tops


Tough, Weatherproof, Hygenic, Stain Resist, High Heat Resist, Abrasion Resist


silicoaluminates, amorphous silica, crystalline silica (max 11%), zircon and inorganic pigments

Worktop Surface Options:

Granite Marble Slate Lapitec Quartz Mgm Stock


Cosentino Dekton Worktop Surfaces

10 Year Warranty

Cosentino offers a certified warranty in writing and as one of the largest producers of quartz worktop surfaces, they offer a genuine 10-year warranty for Dekton products installed by a workshop or stone manufacturer, The warranty does not cover defects derived through negligence, product manufacture or installation, as such operations are not performed by Cosentino.

This gallery provides images of the full range of Dekton surfaces, As Dekton is a composite material, the colours and textures available are extensive, therefore the choice provided should only be taken as typical examples, textures available are listed below. Please contact us regarding worktop colours so that we can check the availability and delivery times as shipping maybe necessary.

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Worktop Surface Options:

Granite Marble Slate Lapitec Quartz Mgm Stock

Our online collection of quartz samples is just a small selection of the stone we can provide, however, it does provide insight to a variety of quartz colours which we can help fine tune and provide alternative if you wish. We welcome you to come visit us at our office/workshop to see what we can offer as nothing can replace being able to see and feel the actual quartz surface

Dekton and Natural Stone Portfolio

Portfolio of our previous installation of worktops, vanity tops, walls and floors

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Dekton Worktop Services

A description of the full service package we provide and how the process works

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Dekton Worktop Resistances

Answers to commonly asked questions and resistance for the longevity of your worktops

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