Corian Solid Surfaces

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Corian Solid Surfaces
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Corian is renowned for many aspects of surface technology, providing a range of benefits for Corian use as a worktop surface.


Corian Surfaces ~ Full Range of Colours

Corian surface colours of solid, opaque, vivid and soft hues

Plain Colours
Corian Surfaces

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Athena Grey
Corian | Athena Grey
Corian | Bisque
Blooming Green
Corian | Blooming Green
Corian | Bone
Cameo White
Corian | Cameo White
Citrus Orange
Corian | Citrus Orange
Deep Cloud
Corian | Deep Cloud
Deep Espresso
Corian | Deep Espresso
Deep Sable
Corian | Deep Sable
Deep Titanium
Corian | Deep Titanium
Designer White
Corian | Designer White
Elegant Grey
Corian | Elegant Grey
Glacier White
Corian | Glacier White
Glacier Ice
Corian | Glacier Ice
Corian | Hot
Imperial Yellow
Corian | Imperial Yellow
Corian | Laguna
Corian | Salt
Light Ash
Corian | Light Ash
Mint Ice
Corian | Mint Ice
Corian | Seagrass
Silver Grey
Corian | Silver Grey
Sparkling White
Corian | Sparkling White
Corian | Stratus
Summit White
Corian | Summit White
Corian | Vanilla
Corian | Verdant

Corian surfaces of linear and windswept veins or varying colours

Veined Colours
Corian Surfaces

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Beech Nuwood
Corian | Beech Nuwood
Carbon Aggregate
Corian | Carbon Aggregate
Carbon Concrete
Corian | Carbon Concrete
Cocoa Prima
Corian | Cocoa Prima
Cosmos Prima
Corian | Cosmos Prima
Dune Prima
Corian | Dune Prima
Evening Prima
Corian | Evening Prima
Limestone Prima
Corian | Limestone Prima
Smoke Drift Prima
Corian | Smoke Drift Prima
Windswept Prima
Corian | Windswept Prima
Golden Onyx
Corian | Golden Onyx
Grey Onyx
Corian | Grey Onyx
Jade Onyx
Corian | Jade Onyx
Corian | Hazelnut
Corian | Juniper
Lava Rock
Corian | Lava Rock
Mahogany Nuwood
Corian | Mahogany Nuwood
Neutral Concrete
Corian | Neutral Concrete
Rain Cloud
Corian | Rain Cloud
Corian | Rosemary
Corian | Sagebrush
Corian | Sandalwood
Silver Linear
Corian | Silver Linear
Sepia Linear
Corian | Sepia Linear
Venaro White
Corian | Venaro White
Weathered Aggregate
Corian | Weathered Aggregate
Weathered Concrete
Corian | Weathered Concrete
Witch Hazel
Corian | Witch Hazel

Corian surface colours of solid and opaque speckled features large and small

Chipped and Speckled
Corian Surfaces

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Corian Abalone
Corian | Abalone
Corian Antartica
Corian | Antartica
Corian Arctic Ice
Corian | Arctic Ice
Corian Arrowroot
Corian | Arrowroot
Corian Ash Concrete
Corian | Ash Concrete
Corian Aspen
Corian | Aspen
Corian Aurora
Corian | Aurora
Corian Basalt Terrazzo
Corian | Basalt Terrazzo
Corian Cocoa Brown
Corian | Cocoa Brown
Corian Cool Grey
Corian | Cool Grey
Corian Deep Anthracite
Corian | Deep Anthracite
Corian Deep Caviar
Corian | Deep Caviar
Corian Deep Mink
Corian | Deep Mink
Corian Deep Night Sky
Corian | Deep Night Sky
Corian Deep Storm
Corian | Deep Storm
Corian Domino Terrazzo
Corian | Domino Terrazzo
Corian Dove
Corian | Dove
Corian Dusk
Corian | Dusk
Corian Everest
Corian | Everest
Corian Gravel
Corian | Gravel
Corian Graylite
Corian | Graylite
Corian Keystone
Corian | Keystone
Corian Linen
Corian | Linen
Corian Matterhorn
Corian | Matterhorn
Corian Midnight
Corian | Midnight
Corian Mineral
Corian | Mineral
Corian Pebble Terrazzo
Corian | Pebble Terrazzo
Corian Platinum
Corian | Platinum
Corian Raffia
Corian | Raffia
Corian Sahara
Corian | Sahara
Corian Savannah
Corian | Savannah
Corian Sienna Brown
Corian | Sienna Brown
Corian Silt
Corian | Silt
Corian Silver Birch
Corian | Silver Birch
Corian Warm Grey
Corian | Warm Grey
Corian White Jasmine
Corian | White Jasmine
Corian Whitecap
Corian | Whitecap
Corian Willow
Corian | Willow

Textured finishes can be applied to any Corian surface, offering a unique approach to cladding and decor

Corian Surface Textures

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eyelet texture large image


fluttered texture large image


Fragrant texture large image


eyelet texture large image


Hexagon texture large image


Ripples texture large image


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Manufactured from a mixture of acrylic polymers and minerals, Corian, is an innovative solid surface material

What is Corian?

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What is Corian?

Corian is an innovative man-made solid surface material manufactured from a mixture of acrylic polymers and minerals, with added colourants. Created by DuPont in 1967, by DuPont chemist Donald Slocum. Corian was initially on the market in 1971, Houstan, Texas, in one colour. Corian is now manufactured in over 100 colours. In 2013, DuPont introduced its Endless Evolution initiative providing higher scratch resistance and deeper, darker colors

Innovative Corian

Corians innovative designs and colour palette of vivid, veined and bold surfaces are virtually seamless and inconspicuous. Bonded together with a colour-matching joint adhesive, Corians smooth surface cannot delaminate, and is it is non-porous, liquids cannot penetrate the surface making is resistant to mold and bacteria. Corian asserts that heavy stains and scratches can be completely erased with Scotchbrite and a household cleaner.

Corian Flexibility

The latest technological advancements with this material allow thermoformable flexibility when heated. Corian can be reshaped without compromise, carved, and sanded, making it a highly customisable material. Corian Solid Surfaces can be implemented in a multitude of private and commercial applications including modern interiors, office, education, student accommodation, retail, clinical and hospitality projects.

Corian Warranty

The Corian 10 year product Warranty applies to interior worktop or decorative installations of Corian Solid Surface by certified fabricators and installation engineers. Shower trays and baths have a 2 Year product warranty.

Warranty Exclusions

The Corian Warranty does NOT cover damage from improper or inadequate use such as the following:

  • Outdoor use
  • physical abuse
  • chemical abuse
  • exposure to excessive heat
  • custom-made shapes
  • thermoforming
  • incorrect fabrication
  • incorrect installation
  • joint failure
  • colour variations
  • pattern variation
  • acts of God
  • Scratches
  • Wear and Tear

  • NOTE: it is strongly advised, without fail, that chopping boards, trivets and the careful use of chemical & substances advised for cleaning are applied.

    Warranty Divisions

    Under the warranty, DuPont will replace the cracked Corian surface shape only once (if all factors above are not the cause of damage). The DuPont Corian Surface ten year warranty is divided into 4 stages:

  • Year 1-3 after installation, DuPont responsibility: 100% of material ~ labour covered.
  • Year 4-6 after installation, DuPont responsibility: 75% of material ~ 50% of labour covered.
  • Year 7-9 after installation, DuPont responsibility: 50% of material ~ 25% of labour covered.
  • Year 10 after installation, DuPont responsibility: 25% of material ~ 0% of labour covered.
  • An invoice needs to be presented with the claim as proof of purchase. Claims cover only installations that remain in the original place of installation. Further details on waranties are available upon request.


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    Appropriate care to maintain Corian Surfaces resistances

    Corian Surface Resistances

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    Heat Resistance

    Corian is heat resistant in temperatures up to 212 degrees F. Corian cannot withstand prolonged contact with hot surfaces or flames & can cause burn marks.

    Stain Resistance

    Corian has resistances to staining, however, it is susceptible, scrubbing with soft cloth and light detergent should remove most stains. Using an abrasive will dull the surface.

    Scratch Resistance

    With a Moh's scale of hardness of 2-3, Corian, does scratch easily. Matte finish of corian materials reduce scatch visibility, however, corian surfaces can be resurfaced.


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