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Considerations to help choose your Worktop

We want to help you Choose your Worktop surface with specialist advice to create the look you require for your kitchen of other project whether this is in the home or for commercial use. Your worktop choice should be unique but also durable and of low maintenance. With a large amount of choices now available for worktop surfaces, you will come across a variety of worktop surfaces that are now in the market, these include natural materials such as Granite, Marble and Slate and composite and sintered stone alternatives such as Quartz, Dekton and Lapitec. narrowing your search down can be made easier with the following detail, but choose carefully as each has its benefits and downfalls.


Quartz as a worktop material is fabricated from natural quartz, which is one of the hardest minerals on earth, small amounts of metallic or glass elements are added to some colours for variety and to imitate naturally formed rocks. Quartz is extremely strong and durable with high resistance, it is also non-porous and its texture does not allow bacteria to grow allowing for a hygenic and easy to clean kitchen surface which never needs to be sealed.

Quartz is perfect for indoor uses such as worktops, bathrooms, walls and cladding, with a huge range of colours and textures available you will find it easy to find the right worktop colour choice.


Just like Quartz, Granite is another highly popular choice for worktops. Granite is 100% natural and a very resilient choice that has natural heat and scratch resistances. Although granite comes polished and treated prior to installation, maintenance after each use is advised to prevent staining. Using only soapy warm water to clean will maintain its shine.

With granites high natural resistances it makes for an ideal choice for a worktops as well as hearths, fireplaces, flooring and outdoor uses such as bars, steps, porches and bbq worktops.


Marble is essentially a crystaline form of limestone, the whiter the marble is the purer the limestone from which it was formed. Marble can be cut to fit your specific installation and can be used in numerous ways such as luxurious bathrooms, hard-wearing floor surfaces and fire surrounds. Although Marble is a porous material and as a result a poor conductor of heat, worktops are sealed before installation with advice that these are sealed twice a year to help maintain some resistance.

Nothing can compare to the natural beauty and elegance of marble, veining on the much more common Carrara tends to be grayer, linear and feathery, whereas Calacatta have larger and more dramatic veins


Introduced in 2013, Dekton has been slowly gaining popularity. Dekton is produced using a high tech process called Sinterized Particle Technology, a process which accelerates the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure. Basically Dekton is quartz, porcelain and glass that has been subjected to extreme heat and pressure to make it very strong.

Dekton is becoming a popular worktop choice due to its high scratch, UV, heat and stain resistances and its totally non-porous. Sealing is never required and can be used both in and outdoors, although the worktop edges are vulnerable to chipping if knocked.


Lapitec is an innotive full bodied sintered stone, composed of 100% minerals with no resin or hydrocarbon based binders. It’s chemistry and mineralogy is similar to a granite but with a tight, cryptocrystalline structure similar to Porcelain. Its versatility provides diverse solutions for construction and furnishing. Applications are seemingly endless and can be used as cladding to pavements and from kitchen worktops to ventilated façades.

Lapitec® is non-porous and therefore resistant to staining, mould and bacteria. Being completely weatherproof and with resistances to heat, frost, UV light, acids, alkalis, deep abrasions, fire and even graffiti Lapitec also treats all slabs of material with 'Bio-care' as standard


Slate is a finely layered rock (a foliated metamorphic rock) that has been formed under very high pressures. Slate is a perfect material for all aspects of outdoor use, however its resistances to water and heat allows it to be used internally for kitchen worktops, fire hearths and flooring.

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