Master of Granite and Marble

Mgm is an abbreviation of 'Master of granite and marble. We boast over 40 years of experience as masters in fabrication of natural and engineered stone worktops and products. Our knowledge and expertise has seen many Granite and Marble worktops and products throughout all the areas we cover. The company logo, we hope, serves to represent the company through a visual image that is not only pleasing to the eye but easily recognised. We utilize the full company logo on our stationary and vehicles, whilst our media profile makes use of the pictorial mark / icon. Mgm & Rocks Ltd Logo

Experience and Services

Established in 2008, Stonemasons 'Master of granite and marble', has a combined personnel experience in the stone industry of over 40 years. We are fabricators of a wide variety of products from natural and engineered stone, and provide a full set of worktop services. Even though of late we have increasingly been associated with kitchen worktops in all stone materials, we still fabricate all the products that we initially set about to provide. About Us Dekton Desk

Focus of Master of granite and marble

With service to clients being paramount, it is our underlying focus. Proud of the highest quality craftmanship, customer service, and safe working environments in each aspect of our services, keeps our spirits high. By gaining the respect of our clients, allows for return in custom and projects attained by word of mouth. Master of granite and marble Worktops

Moral philosophy

Now, more important than ever before, is to provide an unbiased and ethical advice and guidance to all that come in to contact with us. With customer service seemingly dwindling, honesty and trust flailing in many areas of society today. You can also rest assured that our moral philosophy stands strong, and on occasion, on the grounds of honesty, our opinion and evaluation may differ to others. Master of granite and marble Stonemason

Updating the Website

We are currently expanding and updating our website to make for easier navigation, and to pouring all our knowledge into a readable format. Our website is maintained and programmed, initially using W3 Schools code, in house. As we learn, and since February 2022, reprogramming pages with pure CSS to allow us more control over the look, feel and ease of maintaing our website. We are not experts in web design, but we hope that you find the information we provide useful and informative. We welcome any feedback regarding readability, and navigating this site. Master of granite and marble Van

Photographic Image usage

We feel it is important to portray our workmanship for what it is actually about, rather than staged and professionally taken kitchen designs. All images on this website are taken either by ourselves or sent in to us with google reviews (permissions granted where applicable). Our clients understand that images will be used for promoting and providing examples of our works.