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Mgm & Rocks Ltd

About Mgm

About Mgm and Rocks Ltd Logo

'Mgm' is an abbreviation of 'Master of granite and marble'. The Mgm company logo we hope, serves to represent the company through a visual image that is pleasing to the eye and easily recognized. We utlize the full logo on our stationary and vehicles, whilst our media profile makes effective and practical use of the pictorial mark or icon. The natural power of rocks is what we work with day to day.

Mgm & Rocks Ltd

Composite and Natural Stone Specialist


There is a lot About Us at Mgm & Rocks Ltd, established in 2008 we have a combined personnel experience in the stone industry of over 36 years. Mgm & Rocks Ltd achieves a superior finish that can only be achieved by our experienced masonry skills and expert control of cutting and polishing machines. Our experience enables us to meet the needs and requirements of multiple projects simultaneously.


Natural Stone Specialist, Mgm & Rocks Ltd not only supply worktops in composite and natural stone, we are suppliers of natural stone too. We have a large selection of materials, some of which are not supplied by anyone else. You may not find the big names in Marble or Granite in our yard, but being totally natural there beauty is harvested and ready for any sized project.

Master of granite and marble

Our Services

Master of granite and marble, template, fabricate and install all products produced or if preferred we can provide services tailored to your project requirements. our products are wide ranged and our coverage is large, especially to Essex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding areas. At Mgm & Rocks Ltd all customers are handled by a highly skilled team. Our comprehensive services can be used in the first instance of conception of your project right through to its completion.


Depending on the project size, and on most occasions do turnaround much quicker than the 10-14 days we suggest. We provide Free advice & Estimates, Template within 2-3 days notice and fabrication and Install 3-10 days after templating. To start your project we advise you provide us with all detail including any plans and measurements, material type, colour and thickness. With this detail we can provide an estimate and fine tune your needs prior to templating or sending out samples, or if you visit us, not only can you see and take away samples, but see who and how we will create your beautiful surface.

Carrara Marble Floor Tiles

Progress on our new office flooring sees some light!

Blog post 1 - January 11, 2019

With Some Carrara now cut to size for our floor tiles and with more to cut and seal, we await our slab of Dekton 'Borea' from the wild collection by Dekton of Cosentino. The flooring marks a new way forward for our office/showroom which has been in planning for several months. The extension to the office was made end of last summer, which saw a doubling in size. Its exciting for us and hope you will like our office when its completed. We will be posting more as we make progress.

Mgm & Rocks Ltd

Dekton Office Desk and Carrara Tiles

Dekton Trillium Desk, Borea Wild and Carrara Flooring

Blog post 2 - March 28, 2019

The office/showroom is coming together, the contrast we wanted to see is looking fabulous. The next phase of improvements will be the kitchen area. The worktop material Silestone 'Calacatta Gold' was collected from Cosentino this morning and we expect work to commence soon.

Mgm & Rocks Ltd

Lapitec Approved

Mgm & Rocks Ltd Lapitec Approved Fabricators

Blog post 3 - May 11, 2019

With this certificate announcing completion of the Lapitec training course in Italy, we are proud to annouce that we are now certified and approved Lapitec fabricators.


New Van Graphics

Renewed graphics with Logo in Burgundy

Blog post 4 - July 1, 2019

With the recent arrival of our new transit van we have renewed the graphics our our vans to display our logo in burgundy, wave if you see us and visit our showroom.

Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle Graphics

Crystal Blue Marble Office Desk

Beautiful marble in blue with mitred triple 'V' drop edge and leg

Blog post 5 - July 11, 2019

To contrast our reception desk in Dekton, this Crystal Blue Marble desk is for the big guy and we hope very much that he uses it rather than standing back and admiring it! We love our boss.


Bookmatched Marble

Easy view Quartz Samples

Blog post 6 - July 24, 2019

Our sample rack will display a variety of popular quartz materials from our suppliers, with this easy view racking the colours and textures will make for easier decision making.

Quartz Samples

Showroom Feature Wall

Bookmatch Marble Showroom

Blog post 6 - July 25, 2019

Our showroom is taking shape, this latest improvement is bookmatch marble panels 'Noir St Laurent' and 'Statuarietto', designed for contrast and as feature walls.

Vehicle Graphics

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