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Why Quartz Worktops are the Most Popular Choice

Quartz worktops, being the most popular of all surface choices, comes as no surprise when the pros out way the cons. But, What is Engineered Quartz? Classified as man-made engineered stone, and designed to take the rigor of everyday use as hard-wearing kitchen worktops.

The materials used in manufacturing quartz surfaces, is what makes quartz worktops so tough and resistant. If this is not a good enough reason why quartz maybe your better choice for a worktop, perhaps, the additional benefits of its manufacturing process will. The resin polymers and binders, that make it maintenance free and easy to clean could be why you would choose quartz. Perhaps, the design opportunities that a durable, hardwearing, bookmatched vein quartz island brings, boasting waterfall end panels and a breakfast bar.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are by far the most common of all engineered stone surfaces, with a multitude of manufacturers and suppliers, the choices of colours and patterns are massive.

Dekton Surfaces

Dekton by Cosentino has a great choice of colours, designs, and surface finishes. Dekton worktops boast extraordinarily high resistance, ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Lapitec Surfaces

100% natural, engineered and sintered stone surface, lapitec, is used for internal and external applications from construction through to furnishing projects.

Corian Surfaces

Corian worktops are renowned for their seamless design and range of colours. Corian is a durable non-porous solid surface, manufactured from acrylic polymers, minerals, and colourants.

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Great service and wonderful tops. Couldn't ask for anything more.
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Why Granite Worktops is the Natural Choice

Granite, being the one of the hardest kitchen worktops on earth, is diverse in its appearances, and ranges from plain to extraordinary exotic patterns and colours. Colours and patterns created over vast swathes of time, through event driven processes that we could never comprehend; Engineered stone could only dream to replicate what nature provides over millennia, at the same cost. Granite worktops have all the natural resistances one could expect for even the busiest of cooking environments. Being extremely hard, and polished to a smooth bacterial resistant surface, maintenance is low and requires only a few hours each year to seal its natural stone surface. Sealing helps to maintain its amazing shine whilst protecting its already high specifications.

Granite Worktops

Granite worktops, still very popular due to the endless natural colour choices and strong resistances. One of the hardest natural stones on earth, that simply cannot be engineered the same.

Marble surfaces

Marble's luxurious and breathtaking colours and veins are often requested for cladding, flooring and vanity tops in ensuites and bathrooms, less often requested for marble worktops.

Quartzite surfaces

Recent demand for quartzite worktops comes as no surprise, considering the colours and designs, exceptional resistances, and the ease of maintenance of the hardest known natural stone surface.

Slate surfaces

High resistant slate, perfect for applications in and outdoors. Used mostly for its heat resistance as fire hearths and BBQ worktops, its durability for hard-wearing flooring.



Worktop Showroom and fabrication facility is Located off Elizabeth Way (A414, Harlow). Showcasing granite, marble Desks, flooring and cladding, dekton and quartz worktop surfaces, the showroom provides example of what can be achieved by expert stonemason hands and CNC machinery. No appointment necessary. Our knowledge on quartz and granite worktop materials is extensive - just like the sample range!

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Harlow, Essex
(satnav: South Road, CM20 2BZ)

Worktop Showroom for granite and quartz worktops is on south road, nearby Harlow's East road Tesco.

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Professional Worktop Services

Are We In Your Area?

Our natural and engineered quartz worktop services are not exclusive to Harlow but cover Central and Southern England. Areas we cover in close proximity to our fabrication unit are the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, and London. We have just begun to catalogue our areas based only on our reviews and images sent in of granite, quartzite and quartz worktops installed. If your area is not yet mentioned on our Areas We Cover page, please contact us.

Worktop Services

With 13 years trading in our local areas, Mgm & Rocks Ltd (Master of Granite and Marble) are leading worktop fabricators offering a massive range of worktops and products. Products that can be fabricated from Granite and Marble and engineered surfaces that are most common, include hearths, table tops, and vanity tops. As all items we produce are bespoke, if it can be made, we can make it.

Comprehensive worktop services start with advice and guidance to suit your needs, through to installation. For a more detailed description of how we implement our services and what you can expect from Mgm & Rocks Ltd, click the Areas We Cover button.

Essex County

Mgm & Rocks Ltd is Based in Harlow, only a mile away from Old Harlow. As our home county is Essex, a large share of our stone fabrications and installations are in close proximity

Hertfordshire County

Harlow borders Hertfordshire, in fact, so much that it is wrapped by this county. Easy access for all our services, this is our second most visited locality.

London Boroughs

Only a few miles north of the M25 and the London Boroughs, we service both sides of the river Thames, servicing the towers of the Barbican to homes and business's in Croydon

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