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Kitchen Worktops

Master of Granite and Marble fabricate kitchen worktops and products from all natural and engineered stone materials

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Showroom in Harlow

Our showroom and manufacturing facility is Located off Elizabeth Way (A414) in Harlow. Currently showcasing 10 surfaces including Quartz, Dekton and Natural marble, the showroom provides good examples of what can be achieved by our expert stonemason hands and CNC machinery. Open from 9am until 5pm Weekdays and 10am until 4pm on Saturdays, you are welcome to visit our showroom to discuss your project needs leading to a no obligation quotation. Our knowledge on engineered and natural stone materials is extensive - just like our sample range! More about Mgm & Rocks Ltd

Mgm & Rocks Ltd showroom

Kitchen Worktops Services

Our service to you begins with your first contact because customer service does still exist and as we do not use subcontractors you can rest assured that the service provided is purely Mgm & rocks Ltd. Our kitchen worktop service is comprehensive starting with free advice and guidance through to templating / measuring, after approximately within 7-10 days of bespoke fabrication, our installation team will be ready to install your kitchen worktops to an agreed and suitable date. Our services extend through Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgshire, London and surrounding areas.

Kitchen Worktops Surfaces

The material range is extensive, if you do not see your preffered surface for your kitchen worktops here please contact us. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide advice on the material most suitable for your use and budget.

Kitchen Worktops Costs

Misconceptions regarding kitchen worktop surface costs is due to a large variety of material types, suppliers and distributors in the industry. Essentially, worktop surfaces separate into either Natural stone or Engineered surface. As fabricators of natural stone we overstand the misconcieved notion that they are higher in cost, however, this is not always the case and depends wholly on the material chosen. Before writing off natural stone, several factors should be considered such as overall amount of worktop length required, type of natural stone, thickness and additional supports.

Worktop Material Requirement

Granite and Quartzite slab sizes average 3 metres x 1.9 metres, therefore, upto 3 lengths of worktops can be attained from each slab. Even the largest engineered surface material will provide only 2 lengths with a standard slab size of 1.4 metres x 3 metres for engineered quartz.

Surface Type and Pattern

Consider ends of a scale to determine value of either natural or engineered surfaces. High end: marbling and veins are sharper, more distinct and proportional. Lower end: the surfaces are plain with patterns/colours distributed throughout the slab. Each surface type has cutting challenges and resistances suitable for different purposes.

Worktop Material Thickness

Standard thickness of materials are 20mm and 30mm are common for both natural and engineered kitchen worktop surfaces, in most cases 20mm thickness is adequate. 30mm thickness materials will incur additional costs for the material and the additional labour requirements.

Worktop Supports

Despite the hardness of natural materials, advise for additional supports is given where sink and hob cuts out have been made which can add to the cost. This especially affects marble and quartzite materials. Enginnered surfaces are less likely to require additional support.

Worktop Price Groups

All suppliers of engineered and natural materials have price groups for their surfaces and cost variation is determined by appearances and purity. Engineered surfaces are separated into pricing groups and the range of colours available are similar from supplier to supplier, so it is advised to request an alternative quote.

Worktop Design

Design aspects could have an effect to the overall cost of your kitchen worktops. Generally, additional cutting work including radius corners, cut outs for additional sinks, extractors, flush fitted hobs, holes for pop up sockets, full splashbacks and windowsills are just a few examples

Natural Stone Geology

Overview of the Geology of Granite from its magmatic origins and formation as an intrusive igneous rock to its metamorphic evolution. Processing of granite, granite use in history and modern machinery are also touched on.

Quartz Geology Overview of fractionation, crystallization to how the crystal structure is divided into crystal families and sub-divided further into many quartz crystal types and gemstones. Piezoelectric properties and its use an a engineered stone.

Quartzite Geology of quartz rich sandstone and its build up through biogenic sedimentary layers or through diagenesis. How recrystallation of quartz due to metamorphism changes quartzites appearance. Also, some location in the uk with quartzite outcrops.

Recent Google Reviews

Kleiss Geci

'Loved the work Mgm & rocks done at my place. A friend recommended Eddie and the team after they were happy with their worktop. They walked me through the different options of quartz worktops and when I gave them the thumbs up everything came on time as they said.. cut perfect to the milimeter. Also, with other on going works at my property they just cracked on and made the whole experience stress free.'


'The whole experience was extremely professional, Eddie and his team are very knowledgeable and often go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I have been recommending them since we got the kitchen done. They are very accommodating even when we had to change dates or part of the design it was no hassle for them. We really appreciate their professionalism, understanding and honesty. We highly recommend them, please do not need to look elsewhere!'

Carla Felton

'Absolutely over the moon with our new worktops. The whole process, from choosing the stone, getting a quote, temp laying and then fitting was quick, easy and stress free. We made a few tweaks on the advice on Ed when he came to template, and so glad we took his advice as the final result was just stunning. What stood out the most was the attention to detail during the fitting and the fact these guys were not leaving until they were certain everything was perfect. Prices were very reasonable and I’ll definitely be using again!'