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Master of granite and marble Showroom for Kitchen Worktops is based in Harlow and open for visitors

Kitchen Worktops Showroom

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Mgm and Rocks Ltd's Showroom for kitchen worktops / products and fabrication facility is Located off Elizabeth Way (A414, Harlow). Showcasing 10 worktop, wall and floor finishes, the showroom provides good example of what can be achieved by expert stonemason hands and CNC machinery. No appointment neccessary. Our knowledge on engineered and natural stone materials is extensive - just like the sample range!

Mgm & Rocks Ltd

Harlow, Essex
(satnav: South Road, CM20 2BZ)

Mgm & Rocks Ltd's Showroom for kitchen worktops in natural and engineered stone is on south road, nearby Harlow's East road Tesco.

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We are experienced in fabricating Kitchen Worktops in a range of engineered & natural stone surfaces

Kitchen Worktop Surfaces we Fabricate

This year, 2021, engineered quartz is the leading surface option for kitchen worktops . Many homes replacing laminates and wooden countertops in favor of quartz countertops. Natural stones, granite, marble and less popular, slate, have seen continued request for kitchen worktops and other products such as hearths, surrounds, vanity tops and flooring. Surprisingly, quartzite has seen a massive boost in 2021, with Bianco Eclipse, Taj Mahal and Crystallo Imperiale being most demanded as kitchen worktops in quartzite. Quartzite is the hardest of natural worktop surfaces, with outstanding resistances.

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Engineered Quartz Worktops

Engineered quartz worktops are the most common of all stone surfaces, with all round great resistances they are generally the better option for budgeting kitchen worktops. Most quartz colours, designs and patterns attempt to imitate their natural counterparts, granite, marble and limestone, leading to some vast and interesting variations.

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Natural Granite Worktops

Natural granite is one of the toughest materials on earth, with its natural resistances, granite kitchen worktops are a great option to consider. With an endless choice on colours, patterns and veins, it is quaranteed that you'll have a unique worktop that anyone who visits will admire.

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Natural Marble Worktops

Diverse in its colours, patterns and veining, marble breathes luxury in all its applications, however, it is not the toughest choice for kitchen worktops. Marble is well suited for many other household decorative projects such as vanity tops, luxurious bathrooms, hard wearing floors, table tops, fire surrounds and feature walls.

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Natural Quartzite Worktops

Quartzite is literally the hardest natural worktop material and is rising in polularity, especially this year as kitchen worktops. With its striking veins, opacity and lighter colours, quartzite, has a quartz content of over 90% making for very high resistances. A quartzite worktop is a durable alternative to its parent rocks limestone and marble.

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Sintered Dekton Worktops

Engineered for its extraordinarily high resistances, Dekton is a perfect material choice as large format tiles for walls & flooring indoors and out. Rising in popularity as kitchen worktops, it is plentiful in colours, designs and surface finishes, however, fabrication of this tough material does have some restrictions.

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Sintered Lapitec Worktops

Lapitec is an engineered, sintered stone, boasting 100% natural minerals and no resins in its nature imitating manufacturing process. Lapitecs High resistances as well as being completely weatherproof, makes its versatility in a wide range of applications in construction and furnishing projects difficult to rival.


Natural Slate Worktops

Slate is a natural material with high resistances, making it ideal for applications indoors and outdoors. Slates durability, high heat resistance and rustic appearances makes it great as kitchen worktops, however, of late it has become a popular choice for many other applications such as hearths, tiling, outdoor bars, flooring and steps.


Engineered Corian Worktops

Manufactured from a mixture of acrylic polymers, minerals and colourants, Corian is a durable solid surface that is non-porous and easy to clean. Corian is renowned for its seemless installation and used for modern interiors, office, education, student accommodation, and slowly increasing demand for its use as ktichen worktops.


Natural Limestone Worktops

As a parent rock to marble, natural Limestone resistances are very similar. Limestone is popular for construction and architecture because of its durability. Recent fabrication of limestone have been for sills, floor tiles, steps, bath surrounds, it is not a likely candidate as kitchen worktops.

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Our services for kitchen worktops are certified and comprehensive

Complete Kitchen Worktop Service

At Mgm & Rocks Ltd (Master of Granite and Marble) we are proud of our complete services for kitchen worktops and products in both natural and engineered stone materials. Living without kitchen worktops can be awkward, so our general turnaround time from go ahead to installation of only 10 to 14 days, we hope, minimises disruption.

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Traditional Measuring Service

It generally take two to five days before the chosen worktop material arrives to us from the supplier, during this period we will have booked and measured for your kitchen worktops, so that fabrication can start as promptly as possible. All worktop base units are measured traditionally by tape measure and corex sheeting for more complicated kitchens.


CNC and Stonemasons

We are certified and licensed fabricators of natural stone and engineered stone. Being fully certified, you are assured that our fabrication service is to the highest of standards, the reason we only use water throughout the whole process. Using specialised machinery to cut and fabricate all aspects of your kitchen worktops, prior to being hand finshed by our professional stonemasons


Experienced Installation

We aim to book our experienced installation service within 7 days of measuring and generally takes no longer than 2 to 3 hours. With only a few trade tools and lots of experience, kitchen worktops are positioned, levelled, secured, then siliconed to the base units. Joins are glued together with colour matching resin. Splashbacks and upstands and undermounted sinks are then secured to walls with silicone.

The kitchen worktop service areas we cover are not exclusive to Harlow.

What Areas Do We Cover?

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Areas We Cover

Mgm & Rocks Ltd's kitchen worktop services are not exclusive to Harlow but cover Central and Southern England. Areas we cover in close proximity to our fabrication unit are the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and London.

We have just begun to catalogue our areas based only on our reviews and images sent in of kitchen worktops installed. If your area is not yet mentioned on our Areas We Cover page, please contact us.

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